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August 17, 2020 0 Categories Knowledge Base, website

Why a website is essential for a business

A survey shows that 84% of consumers will trust a company based on its online reviews, which will only be possible if they see a business website.

To know more about creating a website for your brand, here are some to note on the Importance of a business website.

People Trust A Business With A Website

36% of clients trust a company more if they see a website, whereas, only 21% gamble on closing a deal with a business with no website. In today’s time where everything from groceries to money transfers is done online, A website establishes your legitimacy as a business. People will trust your products based on your website.

It Shows Your Professionalism

Another reason why a website is important for your business is that there is a large portion of the market that won’t even consider you as an option when they are looking to buy, if you don’t have one.  I know personally if I am dealing with a supplier I am looking to purchase from and they don’t even have a website I pretty much write them off as an option and my view of that company is diminished. It gives me the impression that it is a company that is very poorly managed.

With this viewpoint why would I want to purchase from a company like this? Based on my experience most people think similar to myself. There are some people that do not hold this same thought but I would guess that probably 80% of people have bad opinions of companies that don’t have websites

Business Websites Build Credibility with Contacts

Consider a business website as your online company address.  It’s where potential customers, clients, and associates can find and contact you.

Websites give businesses their own unique online identity.

Boost Your Sales With A Business Website

Multiple sources have confirmed that around 4.54 billion people use the internet every day. That gives you a chance to offer your product to more than half of the world’s total population.Each person spends an average of six hours a day on the web, making it a larger avenue than any print or broadcast medium. Business websites are open 24/7 which extends your service beyond office hours.

Reaching potential customers is possible through YakoCloud. Start generating revenue anytime and anywhere and let us help you create the perfect  website.

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