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Mobile-Friendly Websites
October 22, 2020 0 Categories Blog, Knowledge Base, website

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-Friendly Websites

More than 1.2 billion people all over the world use mobile devices to access information and nearly half of them have discovered new companies and products just by searching on their smartphones. Most entrepreneurs are torn between making a mobile-friendly website or simply having an application for their products and services. At the end of this article, you will see that having a mobile-friendly website is not only a good idea but also an imperative decision. Below are the reasons why:
1. Your target market is most likely using mobile devices.
Since 57% of all web traffic is done on mobile devices, mobile users get to the web at their point of need when a desktop PC or laptop is unavailable. Therefore, websites having a more responsive design gives their users an awesome experience limiting them to explore other sites.
2. A mobile-friendly website creates a high conversion rate and sales.
Making available your products and services to consumers on a 24/7 basis increases the chances of conversion as a user feels convenient to complete an online deal through the created open doors. As a result, there is much expectation of better sales opportunities.
3. Sustainable Google rankings.
Mobile responsiveness is a must-have trait for every website and that is why every business has to ensure they have responsive site designs in order to acquire great Google rankings. Thus, a website should roll up its sleeves on its SEO to appear in the first few results of a Google search and create a more competitive advantage.
Why wouldn’t you want to take that opportunity?
4. A responsive website architecture creates a more economical online presence.
Back then, it was not possible for businesses to create web pages on their websites that would automatically align with mobile devices. Instead, they used to create separate websites for desktops and mobile desktops. Now, the technology of responsive web design has expounded low costs in the design of a site, its development and maintenance leading one to pay less to get more in terms of quality and experience.
5. A more flexible user experience.
A responsive website as a certain user experience on all mobile devices as it changes from an even design to a vertical one, exhibiting a different display of layout, content and images which take the shape of the screen size of the device of the user. This encourages customers to spend more time navigating through your website.
6. Encourages healthy business trust and competition.
Your top competitors have most likely opted for mobile-friendly websites and in order to keep your clientele’s attention, ensure your website loads quickly because no user is ready to wait for more than 3 seconds for content to appear on the screen. Win a brand power in your industry and acquire a responsive website design for your
business’ online presence.
Mobile device use is not going to go away as it is expanding daily and going forward as a way of life. Most of the activities on social media involve mobile devices and a user can post content, like and share about lots of things. These occurrences create an opening to tap into mobile-based social media communities and generate sale leads. Creating an efficient social media marketing and sales strategy involves mobile responsiveness hence a mobile-friendly site.
8. Exhibits a future-oriented site.
E-commerce will keep on expanding with new smartphones and other technologies therefore, a site needs to stay capable of upholding all these market upgrades. Showing off your innovative side by creating a mobile-friendly website gives a great first impression to the user and the site is able to serve your business for many years.
In conclusion
I trust that you have all the reasons why your website has to be more mobile responsive. The mobile market is huge and constantly upgrading forcing business owners to ensure their online presence is stable to scale up their businesses. Let us help you build a mobile-friendly website as a trusted partner for your business
since we not only understand responsive web design but also your project goals.

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